All For Liberty! Outdoor viewing of film, July 22, 2016-8:30 pm


Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, picnics, friends and family and enjoy this wonderful indie film on a large outdoor screen (for FREE!) at the historic Abingdon Muster Grounds.


An indie adventure feature, All For Liberty, about backcountry South Carolina freedom fighters of the American Revolution, has recently been named one of “Top Ten Revolutionary War Movies” by Hugh Harrington in the popular Journal of the American Revolution ( The epic action feature is listed #6t and The Patriot is #8 in the list of all-time movies.

All For Liberty has won nine international film festival awards spanning both coasts since its release as well as two awards from the SC Sons of the American Revolution and First Prize in Media from the Daughters of the American Revolution in Texas. It also won a Dove Foundation Family Seal of Approval for ages 12+ and four our of five doves.

Shot on thirty locations in South Carolina, All For Liberty won three awards initially from the International Accolade Film Competition in California. Executive producer and Broadway, film and television star, Clarence Felder, received a Leading Actor Award of Excellence as well as Excellence for the film. Felder is most known for his co-starring roles in “Ruthless People” with Danny Devito, “The Last Boy Scout” with Bruce Willis and the cop series, “Hooperman” with the late John Ritter.

“Passion for freedom is an unpredictable force. The story explores the amazing
heroism of my sixth great-grandfather, Captain Henry Felder, in the Backountry of South Carolina,” Felder explains. “The colonists were losing the war. It was astounding how Captain Felder and those who fought with him were able to stand up to the most powerful, trained army in the world with so few resources.”

At the 42nd WorldFest Houston Film Festival in Texas, All For Liberty won one of the festival’s highest honors, a Special Jury Remi Award. Charleston International Film Festival awarded All For Liberty Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film, followed by The Myrtle Beach International Film Fest awarded the film Best Picture and then Best Independent Feature at the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival. All For Liberty had its world premiere at the New Beijing International Movie Week.

The action-adventure film is based on the true story of American hero, Captain Henry Felder, a Swiss/German immigrant who came from Europe to Charleston in 1735 and decades later led a fierce backcountry militia against British tyranny. Captain Felder was targeted by militias loyal to the crown for writing and making public his Address & Declaration of Articles of Separation from the English King over seven weeks before Jefferson delivered his in Pennsylvania, as well as being appointed by the Provincial Congress to make gunpowder, recruit more militia and procure weapons.

“It’s a true honor to have created a film about such a formidable hero, one thatall Americans should be aware of and inspired by,” said the film’s director, Chris Weatherhead. “It took five years to complete the project, but it will be as timely in a hundred years as it is now to anyone wanting to live free.”

The production sports a large cast, lead by film and TV entertainment veterans, Felder, his wife, Chris Weatherhead, Rob Gorman, Michael Easler, Curtis Worthington, Trevor Erickson a supporting cast and hundreds of re-enactors [see IMDB listings]. Among dozens of locations are fourteen historic sites in South Carolina as well as Fort King George in Darien, Georgia. Bridgestone Multimedia Group is distributing the film worldwide, in allmarkets at

The film was written by Chris Weatherhead and Ron Mangravite and produced by Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina’s Moving Images Group and Coral Gate Media, Miami Florida. The project was funded in part by the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, The South Carolina Arts Commission, the SC Humanities Council and private donors. For further information on the film, creators and cast visit:

For the full Hugh Harrington Review in the Journal of the American Revolution.

All For Liberty



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